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A sort of return

My first day of training. Woop tee doo! Got there way too early, fighting to keep myself awake, and I didn't get in time to the post office to get my mail. Wheeeee! Whatta day! I'm glad I'm back at work though. Feel more productive that way. Or something.


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It's been good these few days. Job. And another job for my days off. Cool conversations with a really cool lady. Also a good evening of intelligent and very conversation with Daryl. Things are starting to get better. Also Daryl got me laughing my ass off at Strong Bad's emails. Check that shit out. I think I haven't laughed this hard since watching TV Funhouse or the Butters South Park episode. Yes, I'm laughing and very happy. For now. ;) Coolest thing is that you can email Strong Bad with your own questions.

With Crap,

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I got a job. Starting on Monday. Heheh. Wheee. Ok back to bed now.
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Sometimes you lose sight of the things in front of you. Then you realize their value when you put some distance between them. This happened to me with this girl I spoke with at a gig back in PR. We met, she took pictures, talked a bit. Months later I discover how talented and wonderful she is. How much I'd like to be at her side. Well at least we got the 'net. That's something.

In other news, I might have a job tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
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And now for something completely different courtesy of my man David J:

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I had a good time last night but today I don't want to deal with the real world. It's just I wished I had someone with me right now. Watched 'Ghost World' finally. That didn't improve my mood but hey. I just wished I had someone by my side. Someone to hold, cuddle, kiss and that I could get along with. Alright. Rant's over.
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Had a blast at the Independent Bar downtown. 80's music and some industrial downstairs. Definetely the place to be on Saturdays. No charge before 11 pm bwahahahaahah

oh and this one's reposted because I can:

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ready for the weekend? i know i am
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Looking for a job is a full-time job by itself. Heh. Lots of resumes sent, interviews, the whole nine yards. Can't wait to start working and having my own place. You have no idea. Night.
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Once again, Daryl coming through with some good stuff. His blog pointed me to the plight of Katie Sierra a high school student who's being persecuted for speaking against the war in Afghanistan and starting an Anarchist's club at school. Censorship anyone? Thanks D!!
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get up
brush teeth
check emails

downloading some cool music too.

missing some people. terribly.

but i won't let that stop me
from doing what i must do
because i must

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memories betray me
find myself wanting
to kiss your hair
to kiss your lips
touch you
taste you
feel you
your earthquake
your passion
your smile
your warmth
i know it's over
gone and done with
i'll never see you again
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Finally got to watch Pinero and Changing Lanes. Liked both movies. I also went to check out Valencia Community College to pursue some job opportunities. Aside from that and feeling a bit lonelier than usual, everything's ok. Not much to say so I'll keep it short and sweet...
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i'm not ready for a relationship right now but i'll take any good cuddles, hugs, kisses, etc I can get. Always craving for that. Heh.
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I'm tired and I should be sleeping but what the fuck, right? I'm working towards reaching my goal and that keeps me busy. Fielding several offers to see what happens. Miss my friends and going out but this I must do in order to regain my independence, my own place, stake my own claim in the world. Good night.
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Hello Floriduh! Noelle Bush (yes Jeb Bush's daughter, one of 'the little brown ones' according to George Sr.) was found with coke on the rehab center she was in for a previous drug felony. Wooooohoooooo. Meanwhile three guys in I-75 were arrested because of suspected terrorist activity. Nothing certain yet, but a citizen's tip led to the arrest. Post 9/11 paranoia or is it for real? You decide.

Ok boys and girls, I got a Floriduh license. Unlike Tennessee's it was not quick and painless. Went to the DMV and I felt just like the DMV at home except the attendants were nicer because I'm a nice guy. I had all the necessary paperwork so it went fast but the visitors to the DMV looked like they came from Mars. This reinforces the theory that Whorelando is just another part of PR.

Please support the spread the dot initiative. It's a good cause for the net.

Oh and I got a phone. Good and solid job prospects. That is good. :)
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File this one under There's A Sucker Born Every Minute: David Bowie's releasing another Greatest Hits collection. This one has a catch.

Another that will be missed when he's gone: Warren Zevon was diagnosed with terminal cancer. All the good ones are going leaving us with the mediocre ones. Oh well.

Solo album and show for Portishead's singer. I hear a track she made with 'O'Rang years ago and it was excellent. I expect some good stuff to be released.

This is all for now. Have a great weekend.

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Ok weirdness galore. I'm posting from a friend's computer and somehow it wasn't taking the updates. Blogbuddy to the rescue. I love this utility and have it on the laptop. Now I'm able to post. Got several good leads for jobs here, so I am happy. Eager to work and find a place of my own. My hosts are gracious but I don't want to overstay my welcome. Rainy and stormy down here but hey, I like rainy and stormy. No freaking humidity. AC and Cable Modem damnit! I'm in heaven. Florida's Democratic primary is a joke. First the general election, now the primaries. None dare call it a conspiracy. Heheh. I miss my friends back home, but theres work to do here. Later.
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So here we are. Whorelando, Floriduh. What a strange trip this day was. I didn't sleep at all so I was checking some emails when the crew that's remodeling my mother's bathroom broke a pipe. I almost had enough water for a shower and I ended up shaving at my grandma's. I glad I did get a chance to visit her. Ran some errands for her after shaving, gave her a big kiss and a big hug then I left for home. I switched some contents of my suitcases and brought them as part of my carry on luggage. Father screamed something at me and I just stayed quiet, focused. I was leaving home. No one was stopping me. The time came and Al came to pick me up. He offered to drive me to the airport. As soon as I began to say goodbye to dad, he started crying a bit. This is the second time I've seen my old man cry in my life. The first time we were mad at each other too. I left the house to stay with some friends at the time and when it was time to leave, he cried. That fucked me up bad, but my decision was made. I have to take control of my life. I called this friend of mine earlier at her job, she called we talked, promised to stay in touch. Good woman. Then Mom came, gave me some money but she was angry at me and my decision and started to throw things in my face, in a manner of speaking. I was about to tell her that that's one of the reasons I was getting the hell out, but held myself in check. I wasn't going to humor her stooping down to her level. Let he deal with that. Off to the airport.

Not many people were there, not surprisingly. Got my luggaged checked and searched, then the wait. All my electronics were on the carry on and I got stopped but to their credit, they were fast, polite and I answered their questions. The flight was bumpy and kinda long. I guess the two hour wait plus the three hour flight took their toll. I was lucky to have a row of seats to myself. I tried to sleep but couldn't. I was amazed that after all this years that I've travelled flying still keeps me on my toes. Insomnia, the wait and the flight were keeping me awake but in a daze. When the plane finally touched down I was relieved. Rafy picked me up, then we drove to his house to meet Nuria. Rafy's a former bandmate and a friend. Nuria's a friend I used to club with. I got them together, they married. I was the best man at their wedding. We got to the house and then we went to eat out. I chose Sonic to renew my Sonic fix. R & N chose Subway. We talked and ate queso manchego. Yummy. Haven't had that in a while. Then we talked about music, gossip, strategy and whatnot. On the way to the apartment I called home but as usual they don't have the time to even get a pen and paper to write down a number. *Sighs* All in all a very long day. Night.
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Ok this is it. Fate throws a wrench to gum up the works, but I'm going steady. A date for to take a test and then an interview. Tomorrow morning, things will be resolved. So either I stay for a little while longer or I leave. Some things tie me up to the island but at the end, I have to do this for me. No one else. So I think that I might take that plane after all.

What do you want me to say about today that hasn't been played to overkill by the major media outlets? Well actually I've got three things to say: 1. Was it worth pissing our hard earned rights away. 2. Have we succeded in all the military actions to get Bin Laden? 3. Does all the killing we've done in the name of this war against terror bring back any of the people we lost at the WTC, the Pentagon and over Pennsyvannia? 4. Has the US become a better nation because of this? 5. Has the US and it's people realized that this attack is a response to our goverment policies worldwide? I think you know the answer and I'll state it anyway: No.

It takes courage to defend and take a stand for your country, but it also takes courage to criticize it when your country fucks up. Of course it's easier for everyone to label people who criticize the current state of affairs. Even better to dismiss them or call them the enemy. It takes guts to be able to accept what's wrong with this country. Tell the truths people don't want to hear. 9/11 was a reality check. The damage we inflict as a result of our policies came home. We have to deal with it and we have to be able to realize that we're not the only ones here. Until we realize that, things are going to get ugly for all of us.

The US's chief weapons inspector in Iraq had the courage to tell the truth about all the hoopla about Saddam Hussein. Sorry Mr. Rumsfeld if you want to justify you and Dubya's warmongering, you'll have to look elsewhere. Yet in true Republican fashion we go to war in order to set a smokescreen to hide the real problems in this country. Business as usual.
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Heheheh. Created this poll out of sheer boredom and for our mutual amusement. Pick your fave reason down there. It helps if you know Spanish. Sorry. ;)
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Met my Grandma today. Probably for the last time. She's not my Grandma by blood, but she helped to raise my Mom and looked after us like we were her grandchildren. They did so much for us I don't know how to repay her, but I'll sure try. I almost cried when we were talking. I always wanted her to meet my fiancee or my wife. Shit! I don't know if I will manage to do it, but I'll try. She deserves that and more.I probably won't see my dad either. He's very sick. He lived a full life so when he passes I won't miss him as much. Still, I want him to know when things get better and successful with me. Just to make him proud. Well he has my half-brother and my younger bro to be proud of. I want him to go happy. Enough rants.
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I won't be your soundboard
I won't be your whipping boy
I'm tired of other people's drama
and yours as well
I'm tired of hearing you blame others for your situation
Take charge
Do what must be done
Stop whining
Start doing
stop wasting my time

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Therapy? - Unrequited - Troublegum



I've seen you without me
I've seen you without me

You can say what you want

I've seen you without me
I've seen you without me
I've seen you without me
(I know that you will understand)
I've seen you without me
(I know that you will understand)


Therapy? - Innocent X - Caucasian Psychosis

Is this real or is it a dream?
I can't seem to tell the difference anymore
Caught between needings
And the need to be real
Your open arms gaping
Like a busted sore

I turn and burn
my back like a rack
Your tourniquet twists me
Dangerous red
I breath in the air
It's pavement gray
It shrinks my skin
And I've done nothing wrong

I drop to my knees and work my skin
I feel this life pumping right through me
Love and death die on the dirty floor
Your upturned face doesn't even see

That this is all
I'll ever have
Cause I don't know
What I want
But something inside
Something inside
Something inside
I've done nothing wrong
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Just in case I ever need one, my porn star name is Cort Steele. Nice to meet ya. 2 days until I finally get over this nonsense called living in Puerto Rico. Wheeeeeeee!
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Wow. Today at work I had a nice surprise. The woman I went with to the movies showed up at the radio station. I was pleasantly surprised. Francisco came in later. It was nice to see her again. She stayed through the radio show and we had dinner together. The radio show was a killer. Here's the set list. All requested by the fine denizens who post at pulsorock's forums.

Glissando (1st Hour)

Eyeless in Gaza - Twilight
King Crimson - Thela Hun Ginjeet
My Bloody Valentine - Honey Power
Therapy? - Screamager
Sigur Ros - ny batteri
Blind Guardian - Lord Of The Rings
Sepultura - Policia
X-Japan - Sadistic Desire
King's X - Dogman
Ram-Zet - For The Sake Of Mankind

Interferencia 303 (2nd hour)

Droid - Lurch
Andreas Tjillander - Untitled #2 (Musique Concrete Ensemble remix)
KFMDM - Virus
Arovane - Theme
Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough
Ladytron - Playgirl
Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween
Antartica - Sedatif (en vivo en Enlaces)
Hijos de Cain - Jorge Por Favor

Amalgama (3rd Hour)

Los Planetas - dB
Caifanes - Quisiera Ser Alcohol
La Experiencia - La Isla Del Dr. Moron
Heroes Del Silencio - Babel
Santa Sabina - La Daga
la polla records - alicia
la polla records - los 7 enanitos
ongo - abriendo puertas
coabey - realmente
pixies - vamos
superaquello - el ornitorrinco

Very eclectic and very cool playlist. We had lots of fun in the show and a lot of responses. Much love to the guys at the show. Cheo, Eze, Iohann and Angelito made it all possible and worthwhile. We had lots of fun. I am gonna miss you so much you fuckers have no idea. Lots of love and keep up the good work.

Afterwards, this woman and I went to Zabor to watch Herman aka The Man Searching For Fun spin with another DJ. I was pleasantly surprised to find Pri and Bea there. Bea gave birth to Mauro a beautiful boy recently. Pri was back from the UK. It was really nice to see them. Carlitos and Bea bought me a Rum and Coke and this woman and I talked a lot about ourselves, what we want, what we look for. She told me some stuff that really touched me is that she appreciated me because she could be herself and not worry about anything at all when I was around, that I made her laugh and that she appreciated my friendship. I just smiled. That made my evening. Then I went home, got the new battery for my laptop so I'm charging it while I'm writing this. Anyway, off to bed. Tomorrow I begin to prepare for my flight on Wendesday.

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Let's see....
Yesterday a good friend and I shared some tears over the phoneline. I guess we realized how much shit we've taken recently but also we found strength in each other which was good. I was a bit worried about her but she's fine.

Went out to pay some bills with this bloody heat. Fuck! It was a short hop, thank God. I went back took care of some ignoramuses and then off to a movie with a friend.
I went to the movies with this girl I haven't seen in years. Francisco brought her to the station last week and we were both stunned. She's much better than when I last saw her so we agreed to go to watch Insomnia. Saw it twice but being the nice guy that I am, I saw it with her. Made her laugh a lot before the movie. Afterwards we went for some beers. It was good seeing her. Talked about lots of things and she's still gorgeous.

Got home with a bit of a pain in the stomach. I don't know why. Taking care of it. Kinda weird if you ask me.

Tomorrow's my last show at the station. Killer playlist. All requests. Good nonethless. Hopefully it will all be alright. Now if I can somehow get some rest.....

Forgot to mention...... Thursday night I dreamt of CJ. CJ's an old college flame. Used to party a lot and enjoyed each other's company. I dreamt that she was supposed to take me to the airport but we were trying to somehow having sex before going there. It was a strange but funny dream. Take care woman. Wherever you are.

Update. Last night I also dreamt about someone close to me from the past but right now I don't know who. Oh well....
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The drummer of one of my favorite bands in the whole world passed away. Shit. The good always die young and we have to deal with the mediocre and the really awful. I will play some of their songs on the show this weekend. This weekend's playlist is shaping up to be the shiznit. Nice way of leaving the show.
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Just finished watching "Last House On The Left". Brilliant slice of cheese. Luisma and I decided that a remake is in order. So here are our suggestions for most of the characters and the soundtrack:

The Dr. - John Larroquette
Krug - Vincent Gallo
Weasel - Steve Buscemi
Junior - Seth Green
The Evil Girl - Courtney Love

Vincent Gallo should do the score like David Ness did the original score. Otherwise the soundtrack should go to Revolting Cocks.
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After watching Werner Herzog's Nosferatu on DVD, it still confirms my status. Herzog's a sick motherfucker with a sense of humor. Klaus Kinski is still scary and F.W. Murnau would approve. I've seen Aguirre The Wrath Of God and Nosferatu. Probably will have to beef up with Cobra Verde and the rest of Herzog's works. Of course the soundtrack by Popol Vuh is the shiznit. Prime Krautrock. Late period Swans and Angels of Light are ripping them off badly, but nice influence to have. Nice little migraine afterwards, but a nap took care of it. Missed my friends of Icaro Azul on the telly tonight. Sheesh!
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A week until today I'll be flying out of here and I'm not coming back for a long while except for maybe a vacation or two. Whatta boring day.
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Let me tell you how shitty my day's been:

Get up this morning to get some stuff done. The fridge's door won't stay closed. Check that everything is where it should be. The damn thing won't close. Third try now the thing's closed.

I go to the computer to get my emails, surf, grab some ideas for articles and whatnot. Mother's coming again with a last minute plea for me to stay. After a long argument I have to scream at her. "NO. I DONT WANT TO BE HERE. YOU HAD ALL THIS TIME TO DO IT, AND IM SICK OF THIS. I'M OUT. I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU. I JUST WANT TO LEAVE AND GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE."

Harsh words, I know but if you spent (or rather wasted) the last 10 months of your life in a place you hated, with all the promises they told you unfulfilled, in a place that you're uncomfortable, you might begin to grasp how bad my situation is. That's not even mentioned all the shit I've taken from my lovely family all this years. No. Sorry. Let them cope with their situation. I just want out of it all. The only one I care about is my little brother and he's happily on his own.

Eze messages me. Today's meeting's been cancelled. Great. I told him I ain't coming on Saturday I want to record 1 hour of music because my friend's bands are playing and it's the last chance I'll have to see them in a while. He says "no" you got the first hour and I want you to do it. Christ almighty! I think I can reach an arrangement with Angelito to see if we can record it Thursday or Friday night. I don't want to be around on Saturday, I'm sorry. I'm not the sentimental type and the last broadcast thing with the FA staff's gonna get sentimental and really gay ;)

This girl messages me and we talk. We've known each other by reputation only and she says she wants to meet me. I tell her "Ok. Great. Go to the station meeting and you'll get to see the station and the guys who run the show." Well with the station meeting cancelled, there won't be much to do right? So after much ado, I ask her to drop by the Borders near my house for a cup of coffee and some conversation.

Meanwhile my buddy Luisma comes over for some conversation about music and movies which is always nice. I go with him for some quick shopping and drops me at my house. I come in, have dinner, trim my haircut, cut the mustache and the goatee. I'm on schedule. Half an hour before our meet. Burned 2 CD's of my music. One for Luisma, the other for the woman I'm meeting.

Call her. She's still at her job. I ask her if she wants to cancel. Says "no no no". Asks me to call her around 20 till 8 to confirm. It's ok for me. Surf a bit. Call her. She's at her house. Tells me she'll get out of the house in 10 mins. I take 20 minutes and make my way to Borders.

40 minutes later, I'm in Borders, very fucking pissed. Sitting in a chair, reading their in-house magazine. I wonder what the hell happened. I call her on my cellphone, and on the third try, the fucking thing ate my minutes. I have to call 611 have them refund the minutes. Fuck it, at this stage I'm heading home. Called her for the last time I'm walking down my street heading towards my house and she tells me she just arrived.

Sorry I start to tell her but I'm going home. I tell her in a very controlled tone that it's bad enough as it is that I had a shitty day and then a long wait. Not this time. She apologizes. The phone goes offline. I'm this short of throwing the phone, kick and curse like nobody's business. Fuck it. I'm heading home. Call her from home. Tell her I didn't mean to hang up on her my phone died. She understands that I'm pretty fucking pissed at this point and apologizes. She had a rough day at work and at this online publication she runs with a bunch of her pals. She asks me when can she make it up for me. I ask her for suggestions. She wants me to tag along with her friends on Friday night. No. Not my style. I don't like going into situations where I'm in a room full of strangers. (I know I'm in a band but it's a whole different game there) Besides I might need Friday to record my last show. She can't do it tomorrow, so she settles for Thursday. Thursday it is. I'll ask her to go to the movies. She'll be paying. Let's see if I can get away with that.

Right now I'm upset at this whole day but if I can get away with this girl paying *me* to go to the movies with her, I'll be happy.

So..... How was your day?
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Closer to the date and my family's trying to hold on to me. Not a chance. My ass is outta here. No stopping me.
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Dinner date and I talked but she's not interested in anyone these days. Her loss.
Fate throws me another curveball. This time a girl I had a crush on from way back. Now single. Man. Whatta day!

Ten more days and my ass is outta here. Can't wait.