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Here is the article about the situation in Northern Ireland I described earlier. It's a fucking disgrace when innocent children are harassed, taunted and abused just because they're from a different religion. And people wonder why I despise religious fanatics.
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There's only so much I can pack and carry with me.... It's just like starting all over again. I just hope this one has a happy ending. I know I can. I know I can. Let me get a jog and a good, honest, sex-starved woman with similar interests....lol..... I can only ask for so much, right?
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Added a space to place your comments, and a link to my radio station, if you care. Thought you wouldn't :D

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The Hate continues....

More anthrax scares and all this pounding on Afghanistan hasn't amounted to much, innit? I mean this country's infrastructure was already fucked by the Russians for ten years and then the Taliban so it's basically pointless. Especially when the Taliban is waiting for our troops the second they land on Afghan territory. That's when the going gets tough. Or maybe not.

In Belfast, the Troubles continue. Protestants now turn their hatred on Catholic School girls ages four and up. I shit you not. Stoning, harassing them and attacking them on their way to school!!!!. I guess we don't have to go far accross the world to see evidence of needless hatred and stupidity. I also read reports on today's paper that many passengers in aircraft are taking a more offensive reaction to highjackers on plains. Understandable, but wait till the first 'vigilante' action falls upon the wrong passengers. Lawsuits can be so costly, not to mention criminal charges on assault on top of all that.

Sometimes I wonder about the human race...

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I have this sadness about me right now and I can't help it. I've been crying non-stop and writing emails in hopes of reaching anyone.
No avail. My only reason to live is hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is my heroin, and I need a fix right now. That's the only thing keeping me here. That and the fact that I absolutely do not want to die here. I'd rather die in Puerto Rico thanks.
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Tuesday. Out of here. Back home. Yes!

I had a dream three days ago on her birthday. I was at work and inadvertently dialed her number. She answered and I told her I called her by mistake but that I wished her and her son a happy birthday. She smiled said "thank you". I asked her how she was doing and she replied "you know". I told her that I knew it was hard but if she needed me, to call me. Then I woke up crying. She still haunts my memory. I sent her a birthday card by email, but I know she's gone. Damn.

Yesterday was my last day at work. I'm up early because I have to pack and do all kinds of shit. Also moving websites. My main ISP will be gone with my move. I still have a free year of another, so it will do while I hustle for a DSL or faster connection back home.

A kiss, I am cold.......

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War. It's like nobody expected this kind of retaliation, right? Again, this one feels so unreal like a videogame or worse. Actually the only thing we see from this war are the missiles and planes being launched. No one's on the ground or not that I know of. Then again, I have disconnected myself from it. After the reports of those anthrax scares, it's freaking me out. If this is a bioweapon, they have a sick sense of humor bordering on the crazy side. Sending it to a tabloid publication. So it reaches the supermarket and the average moron who reads them. Scary.

Ok I'm getting ready to pack my bags. I'm leaving in a week and no one's stopping me. Fucking had enough of all of this. I can't control when I'm dying but I'd rather die on my home, anywhere but here.

Happy birthday dear ex and your son. I hope your day is better than mine and hope your operation goes well. I miss you.

It's 2am what the hell am I doing up? lol. Ran out of St. John's Wort a couple of days ago. It's not going to be an easy ride. Like Wesley Willis would say: "get your ass ready for a hellride". Trust me, he knows.

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I just want to chill out this weekend. Pack my bags. Sleep. Get ready. Soon my stay here will be over. I look forward to go back home to uncertainty but at least there's family, friends and I know the territory. lol. Have a great weekend.

I miss my online friends too. Damnit. Too early in the morning. Back to bed. :D

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I just want to say that even though you hate me with all your heart, I wish you and your son a Happy Birthday.

There's another reason I'm leaving Trashville and i'd like to keep it private. This is as public as it gets but I believe that individuals need and deserve a modicum of privacy. Let's leave it at that.

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for those of you who haven't read the news a deranged Croatian killed himself and five others while trying to hijack a Greyhound bus two hours from here. Like my buddy Daryl said, it's the end of mass anonymous ground transportation. The clampdown in full effect. It's funny how Dubya mentions freedom but meanwhile all this shit brings out more repression. Definetely I have no intentions of staying in Trashville, Tennessee longer than I have to.

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I know I haven't posted in a while and I apologize. I know I've been grieving over my breakup way too much but It's been four years and there are things that remind me of her. I'm getting over it slowly. My friend Mistress Avalon has taken flight elsewhere again. Hope she's still within reach. BUT looks like my ass is outta Nashville. More developments when they become available.

I don't know but there are rumors that the government wants to institute a national I.D. Big Brother taking over eh? Wait, what are those social security numbers if not for ID, huh?

That and the possible retributions of a US attack on the Taliban got me a bit worried.

If you bother to care about the status of my website, and my webcasts, they're fine thanks. Just because I might move doesn't mean it's all over kiddies. Trust me Uncle Jose's got it covered. LOL.