Opera Finds Flash Unappetizing For Web Video - Opera - Gizmodo

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Opera Finds Flash Unappetizing For Web Video - Opera - Gizmodo Speaking on the inminent of Flash and whatnot...some valid points from the Opera guys.

Adobe Hits Apple With Hugs - Adobe - Gizmodo

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Adobe Hits Apple With Hugs - Adobe - Gizmodo Wonderful and funny counter from the Adobe guys. Flash's days maybe numbered, but do they kill grumpy Mr. Jobs with kindness. Gotta love it!

Great Moments in Alternate History: The Discovery Of The Multiverse - Books - io9

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Great Moments in Alternate History: The Discovery Of The Multiverse - Books - io9 Universos paralelos, historias paralelas, alimento para pajas mentales.

Your Posthumanism Is Boring Me - Posthumanity - io9

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Your Posthumanism Is Boring Me - Posthumanity - io9 A very interesting response to the posthuman question.

Dear Ubuntu: I Have Some Concerns

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Dear Ubuntu: I Have Some Concerns

Here's a rant from a Ubuntu user concerned with recent developments within the Ubuntu community. For what it's worth, I find that his points are valid.Read on....

Goths! On The Bus! on Vimeo

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Goths! On The Bus! from Jaimz Asmundson on Vimeo.

A couple of uber-goths ride the public transit to go to the mall and buy more lipstick.

Shot in sequence and in one take, for the 2009 One Take Super 8 Event at the WNDX Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Film and Music by Karen & Jaimz Asmundson

* Winner of the Audience Favourite Award @ $100 Film Festival, Calgary

A hysterical look at the goth lifestyle. Thanks to Alejandra for bringing me this to my attention. The only thng missing on the mall was a stop at the Hot Topic! Actually the first two punks I met in Puerto Rico were on a bus ride.

French Film Blurred and Free Software Goodness!

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Here's the trailer to La Horde, a French film dealing with cops, gangsters and zombies. Here's another example on how foreign filmmakers kick Hollywood's lazy ass in their own game. Looking forward to watch it.

BTW, Ubuntu's 10.04 is out and about, so is PCLinuxOS's 2010.1. Go get it and let me know how they handle. LinuxMint's Isadora is on Release Candidate status and I look forward to see what Clemente is up to. Also, the new Mandriva should be out soon.

Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution - Posthumanity - io9

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Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution - Posthumanity - io9

and The Essential Posthuman Sci-Fi Reading List

Here's some serious food for thought about our possible next steps in evolution. Before we kill ourselves and the planet.

Weekend Update. Yeah, that's it.

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I guess it's been a good weekend. Saturday went to the UMET to attend a National Hispanic Journalists Association UPR chapter talk about Digital Journalism which wasn't that bad at all. Me, the resident brainiac, was very familiar with what the speaker was talking about, but nevertheless learned a few new tips and tricks to get the job done. The campus itself was nice looking and the wi-fi was decent. Well, being a weekend after all. Poor NAHJUPR guys with the strike going on at the UPR had to move things there.

Got my BlackBerry whole again. My carrier's store replaced the little ball that acts as a cursos free of charge. Woohoo! Also visited some places to drop some resumés. I don't like my job but I have to stick with it until the next opportunity appears. Lots of shitwork and management is not the best for the task, but oh well. I haven't reached the desperation point yet, but now I am getting very concerned about the need for more cash to handle bills and basics.

Beltame and May the 1st came and went. I spent Saturday at the UMET and got pretty bushed when I got home and I'm not quite a pagan nor a commie, so no Beltane nor May 1st celebration for me. Sunday also happened to be the first rain shower and thank god we got one. The heat was hellish. Dropped by my parent's for Mother's Day and check out Dad. Dad's condition is about the same and there's nothing I can do about it. Fucking hell. Mom was alright and gave me some dinner, but I couldn't eat the whole thing unless I wanted to fall into a diabetic coma. So I ate what I could and got back home. Anyway, everyday is Mother's Day.

Tomorrow I have a nice little talk to give to some college staff about Joomla usage and Tuesday to a community up there in the mountains. Oh well.

Don't remember if I wrote this here or not, but had a really interesting and intense talk with Santos about religion and spirituality. I admire him because not only is he a killer dj and a great doctor, he cultivates that side of him as well. And no, he doesn't fall into the cliché of a religious fanatic. The things we spoke and his openness about it almost got me crying, something that's hard to accomplish these days. Sorry kids, I'm not an atheist. Raised a Catholic and went to Catholic school, but lost my faith, so that makes me an agnostic. I still believe. I just don't quite want to follow the rules of the Catholic Church, or most christians, anyway.

Organized religion is social and mind control and one of the oldest cons around, but I also recognize the power of faith and spirituality and I have to respect that.

Finally got some e-mail from Tom Joyce, one of my college buddies from PSU. Connected him to Jon B and Tom D as well. Good to be able to exchange e-mails with him to see how he's doing.

Christ! 16 more days and I'll reach one more year in this planet, much to the chagrin of those lovely people who can't stand me. Cheers, bitches!

A mighty shout out to djr who's somewhere over NYC, to my lovely lady LS who still loves me and hasn't given up on me and to the usual suspects who make this existence worth living.

Anyway, work awaits tomorrow. Laundry in the dryer. Fun, fun, fun! Hope your weekend went well.