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cobwebs, dust, and a dream of a tall, willowy, british blonde

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sorry for the cobwebs and dust. too much on my plate physically and mentally speaking. writing is an outlet but of late, aside from a lyric for my band the occasional request for a contribution I haven't written much. i just feel the need to write last night's dream before i forget it.

dreamt i lived in this apartment building. huge apartment building. i met this tall, willowy, british blonde woman, a meatier uma thurman, if you will. gorgeous and pretty much lost in the city. she seemed odd, but needed a place to crash. i offered mine.

we spoke of loss, loneliness, alienation, britain and music all night. we slept together. for a while we were happy. the next day, my family and friends came over and i introduced her. some people, which i haven't seen in years, were there as well. she was listening to local bands and whatnot. some of my friends were talking to her and listening music with her. the cojoba kids were back in pr and getting a show together. it was good to see taina and javier again. also the balún kids were around too. talking to her about music. philip padilla was there as well. i went outside to run some errands.

i dreamt i was driving again. first off, went with my brother with his old college. of course it wasn't actually his old college. it was near the real location, but it was another building altogether. we park and he told him to approach a car that had some of his friends who somehow were still studying there. they approached and started talking with my brother about old times. all the while they were bringing automatic assault rifles inside the car. i asked my brother what the fuck was going on. he told his friends off. off they went along with their weapons. i drove to supposedly an old workplace of mine with some cart and some goods to deliver. i told my brother to drive off. i would meet them back in my apartmant.

i went to the building's service entrance and there was a huge ramp leading several stories up. i went there and the entrance was blocked with debris and locked, no longer used. en employee went out another door for her smoking break. she recognized snd seemed surprised to see me. i asked her if she could let me in so i could deliver what i had in the cart. at first she seemed reluctant, but she let me in. i walked in trying not to be noticed, left the cart and the goods there. i think i stole something from that building. i don't know what. data? what? don't know.

i went back to the apartment and my family and friends were ready to go out. my willowy british friend was dressed and ready to go. i showered and got into a new set of clothes. when i was out and ready to go she told me she'd rather stay. wanted to skype someone and probably wanted to have sex afterwards. ok. good reason to stay at home. anyway, she skyped someone in my room and i changed into something comfortable. afterwards i heard her humming some popular song. a ballad maybe.

i was looking for her and i found her in her room. she has transformed in thie mechanical thing. a sort of cyborg. her face machine line. her arms are legs, still human. there was sawdust on her. i stood there wondering what the fuck was going on. suddenly and without warning, she jumped over me and i began transforming into some kind of machine as well. my features machine-like, my arms and legs still human. just like her. i started to realize what i have become.

and then i woke up. 'til next time.