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Last night I went to a dinner date. It was interesting to say the least. Entertaining. Right now I'm just tired of the week. Can't wait to fly out of here. Fuck. Can't wait for that flight. Aside from that, I watched last night a film called "Birthday Girl". Even though I'm not a fan of Nicole Kidman's body of work, I happen to like her in "To Die For", "The Others" and now "Birthday Girl". I liked that film very much. Rent it.

Thanks for the opinions (solicited and unsolicited) about the song.
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Ok so I finally spent all night recording a version of the damn ;) song I'm happy with. I added more keyboards, re-recorded the vocals, added some harmonies (ha!) and I guess I'll be happy with this version. I guess this will be the final official verson. Unless I can hook up with Carlitos and have him add some sick guitars of his own. One can always be hopeful right?

If you have problems downloading the stream copy the url of the link above and paste it on Winamp or Real Player. You can also download the file here.
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Remember the song below? Well I added vocals now. I'm kinda embarassed because my lovely friend Angelito put them upfront at mixdown. Evil one, he is. Yes, that is my voice normally. I know. Sorry. ;) Well in case you hate it, I'll re-record the vocals at home and put some effects on them or won't put them so in front of the mix. Ha!
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:: how jedi are you? ::

Like I told you before, do NOT fuck with the little green guy. Gracias Cheo.
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Everyday Is Like Sunday...not

Spent the afternoon with my uncle, his girlfriend, her kid and two cousins eating in a fancy schmancy restaurant. It was good to see them, drink a few, trade stories and having a laugh. My cousin D. has a Korean girlfriend and they have a kid too. Cute little tyke. 2 years old. Cute and very nice. Full of energy. His wife works at the restaurant and she's a hard worker. I'm happy for them. My uncle's girlfriend's a nice girl Kid's smart and polite. My other cousin she's a really sweet young lady. Finishing college, working too. It was good to talk to her. We have the same taste in movies so we caught up in movies, stories, gossip, the usual stuff.

It was good to see them. Haven't had a good time with relatives for a long while.

I woke up early today so I think I'll call it a night. Night.
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These are some lyrics to a song I wrote last night. So far the song's instrumental, but hopefully I'll record the vocals soon. It's encoded at 32 bits so don't expect a hi-fi stream, but it should give you an indication of things to come. Yeah that's me on all the instruments.

Antartica - Tinnitus copyright music and lyrics 2002 Jose E. Roman. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.

Un ruido
que interfiere esta senal
de algo que anda mal

que me dejas al partir
y memorias
que se niegan a morir

(third verse same as the 1st)

A sabiendas
no merezco tu perdon
y lo nuestro
no tiene solucion

coro (x8)
Y esta espera
no se puede prolongar
y lo nuestro
se tuvo que acabar

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I can't believe this. A producer from the Don Francisco show at Univision emailed me and asked me about going to his show to talk about punk. I shit you not. This is legit. Free ticket to Miami? Hotel and Limo? Hell yeah!
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Here's to mullets, drugs and dumbasses. Meet Calvin Montgomery and Michael Headley. The men were just arrested on drug charges after trying to arrange a crack cocaine sale to undercover officers in Oklahoma City. So what separates this case from your standard buy and bust operation? Well, Montgomery, 42, and Headley, 37, were operating from the Biltmore Hotel at the same time 500 cops were attending the Association of Oklahoma Narcotic Enforcers annual training conference at the hotel, according to this probable cause affidavit filed by Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control agent William Diaz. When cops entered the pair's room, they found crack and pot stashes and drug paraphernalia. In addition, Diaz told TSG, the pair had stored $39,000 in cash and travelers checks in the Biltmore's safe. Headley claimed the money came from a recent "insurance settlement." Courtesy of The Smoking Gun.
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I bet Michele's laughing her ass off. Howdy neighbor! ;)

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Dont You Forget About Me Motherfuckers! ;)

"When I get the money I'll get together all of the guys from the breakfast club
and play it over and over and over again and I'll yell to them......
- Beau Sia
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Lest I forget: Ok kids this is how a remake should be made. This version is as good as the original. Props.
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Well I haven't blog much of late. Been very busy. Got my upper left wisdom tooth pulled out and I still got this cough. Haven't slept much at all. This fucking heat is killing me. Aside from that, I'm leaving PR. Sept. 11th. For good. Tickets bought and all. I can't wait. 21 days left to leave.
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Life is turning me into what I hate the most. People demand honesty, but they lack it. Fuck! And then *they* wonder about the existence of cliches. Life's gonna turn me into one. Respect is supposed to be given. Now it will be earned. Innocent until proven guilty. Guilty until proven innocent. Proactive instead of reactive. No more Mr. Nice Guy. People have killed him. Trust no one. Let them earn it for a change. I've had enough of people's bullshit. Don't like it? Tough. There are 6 billion others out there. Take your pick.
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(thanks to Daryl for this one)
*If* you like the White Stripes and I do, check this out:
Steven McDonald of Redd Kross has added bass parts and harmonies to the White Stripes "White Blood Cells" album.
The results are amazing. The whole thing is on mp3 format authorized by the band.
You can download it here until August 25th. After that, it's gone daddy gone. Download and judge for yourself.
This has made my day.

This and a friend's news have cheered me up from a deppressing dream about my ex. YAY!!!!!!!!
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I should be happy in some aspects of my life which I am
but being the non-conformist that I am I refuse to accept the ones I don't like
and I have to make some decisions. Soon.

I wish I could sleep, I really do and I can't get any......
sleep that is. :)

Alright on with the show.....
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Ok here it goes.......

discover what candy you are @ stvlive.com

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I haven't written in a while. Been sick and busy. Sorry about that. Right now I'm waiting for a friend to call and see if I can do the move. I hate leaving PR but I can't get a decent job. It's pissing me off. Right now I'm undecided. Got some more options but let's see what happens. Right now I'm really tired. Physical and Mental, I gotta hang on regardless. Aside from that I need to relax.
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Just a reflection of my mood during this time I've spent back "home". If I ever made a film about 9/11/01, this would be the soundtrack. It'd be a short black and white piece.

"the dead flag blues" - godspeed you black emperor!

the car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
and a dark wind blows
the government is corrupt
and we're on so many drugs
with the radio on and the curtains drawn

we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
and the machine is bleeding to death

the sun has fallen down
and the billboards are all leering
and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

it went like this:

the buildings tumbled in on themselves
mothers clutching babies picked through the rubble
and pulled out their hair

the skyline was beautiful on fire
all twisted metal stretching upwards
everything washed in a thin orange haze

i said: "kiss me, you're beautiful --
these are truly the last days"

you grabbed my hand and we fell into it like a daydream or a fever

we woke up one morning and fell a little further down --
for sure it's the valley of death

i open up my wallet and it's full of blood
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This one's an original, been lying in my brain for quite a while. Time to spew it out.

Ties are nooses
Strangling you
Corporate asphyxiation
workplace suicide
Rings are shackles
Binding you to places you hate
Broken promises, lies

I'm a fool
who believes in love
when sometimes
love is a word
with two vowels
two consonants
and two idiots

A fool
who loves life
when sometimes
I'd rather be dead
A fool, nonetheless
with only one thing left:

I want to move out. Badly. I can't stand them. God knows I love them, but God knows I can't stand them. I just hope I can get something by this week. Something to keep me busy. Otherwise, I think I'm getting the fuck out of PR. I love my little island and my friends and it's a great place to visit, but not to stay. Not for me. Let's hope I can get that job so I can have some privacy and some space.

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So the radio show went beautifully and then off to Barfly to do sound for Jorge Castro's gig. I left the equipment with Carlitos so I could hit Denny's with R. Then off to a drive. It was really good to be able to have a reallly good time once in a while. We're a happy family we're a happy family we're a happy family.......trust me I'd rather sing that, than Negative Creep Negative Creep Negative Creep and I'm stoned........ LOL

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I think this one should speak by itself

In other news..... the GJ gig didn't go. Drummer quit at last minute. I think he's fired. Radio show and Barfly tomorrow hopefully. Too tired. Will collapse in bed any minute now.

On second thought after taking these two tests I don't know if I will sleep well, or you for that matter because..... I'm

Which Evil Criminal are You?


Which annoying B-list celebrity are you?

Now that's seriously fooked. Have a great weekend.

Have a good one.
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Good morning. Or at least according to my sense of time. Here comes the weekend and I'm ready, willing and able. How about you?
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I'm busy having a life again. In the sense of going out, meeting people, rehearsing with Golpe Justo (show tomorrow), watching movies, you know, living. And I'm happier. Much happier. Certain talks remained unspoken. I guess actions speak louder than words. Meanwhile watched "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" an excellent French film. Enjoyed it a lot. Gig tomorrow. Radio show Saturday. Very busy and very happy.

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More Cthulu sightings or something. Instead of trying to patch things up with the problem with those teenage molestation charges or opening itself to say, female priests, the Roman Catholic Church does the opposite. Typical Catholic anal retentiveness.
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I pity the fool who hasn't watched this film.

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The Weekend:

Friday - @ The Radio Station then went to play with Golpe Justo. The set was short and sweet and I got all this pent up frustration and aggression out. It was beautiful. Pure catharsis.

Saturday @ The movies with Jose Ramon to see Austin Powers Goldmember. Man! Whatta Laugh! Much needed laughter ensued. Afterwards the radio show then waited to see Los Siconautas at 2am. The placed was jam packed so I stepped outside and the sound was much better over there. After the show headed home. Had a nice little chat with a friend then at 6am tried to sleep but the room was so hot. Might as well buy a futon and sleep in the living room.
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After reading this, HP Lovecraft's fans may rejoice after all. Cthulu is coming. To South Jersey.

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As per Angel's instructions I called S. We talked for a bit. She was upset. Friend of hers is sick and she's upset. Told me she'll call me in order to see if we can meet. I guess I'll sait and wait. Maybe play The Cure's "10:15 Saturday Night" or The Sisters Of Mercy's "Nine While Nine" while I'm at it.

Lady Locura is a charm. Funny and witty as hell. I like our little exchanges and verbal (actually written) sparring. Thank you for the laughs and keeping me on my toes.

I was supposed to blog about something and I completely forgot about it.

Los Introdujos want to be part of the Rojo y Negro family and I say: why not?

AYLK record out soon.

Talked to R today. She's quite a lovely person and I hope we'll meet on December if not earlier when she gets back to PR.

Show tomorrow with Golpe Justo. Catharsis. Non stop. Yeah!

Talked to my friend Nuria today too. It was good to receive some feminine insights about realtionships.

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Let us welcome Locura to the fold. (applause) You didn't noticed the sign at the door that reads "Abandon All Hope All Who Enter Here" did you? ;)

And now for something completely different:

37.5 %

My weblog owns 37.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

Well....I'm 34 and supposedly I'm 33% gay and I'm Ready For Action when it's time to get down!!!! Wooohoo!!!!!!!!

Yes a much needed break from the usual atmosphere here.

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So how was your day?

Mine went downhill about 2pm / 1400 hrs. I IM'ed my friend Noel to confirm today's gig. He's upset, pissed off, says he won't do the gig and he's not doing his events anymore. He's through. I understand. He fells burnt out. I let it go and try to confirm with the bar's owner. Leave three messages. No response. Carlitos calls confirms the gig is a go. That soothes me and the band for now. Still....

I called S. and tell her about the show. Quickly says she's not around (she lives close by the bar) but wishes me luck for the gig. Tries to end the call quickly in a hurry. I said bye. So much for the need to schedule the little talk. I don't know, but it seems this one's pretty much over, isnt it? Still... my buddy Angel tells me S and I should talk anyway. So let's just see.

So end of phonecall. This is the part of the movie when my heart feels empty and very heavy. I take deep breaths. I hit the shower. In the shower I cool off. Showers are good. But there's still this nagging feeling of dread. I can only sense where this is going. My day, such as it is.

Get dressed then call my friend C. to check on her. Her mom's back from Stateside and we talk a bit. C stands for cool calm collected, which she is. I'm in the middle of talking to her when my guitar player, Carlitos calls.

No power at the bar. No gig. Bernice (our singer) calls too. I tell her "I know already." More heaviness. Should we go? I say yes, we've got to go check it out and apologize to the people who actually bothered to go. We do. Bernice and I drive over there. We talk about stuff and then Bernice tells me her feelings about music and hers are similar to mine. We talk a little more and I end up realizing how similar we are in outlook.I end up telling her "You reaize we're so alike that it's scary?" She laughs and we end up joking that we feel miserable but at least we've got each other. Really!

We arrive. There are people outside. Carlitos and Jorge are there too. We show up and hang around for awhile, apologizing to the people who came to see us. Eventually the heat drives us to Candela Bar where there's AC and a female DJ spinning disco and hip hop. Bernice is dancing while Carlitos challenges me to breakdancing. Jorge is gone. Very pissed off. Angel is there too so we talk about the phone conversation and everything else. Bernice asks me if I want to go dancing with her to the club, I say no. I'm not in the mood and I don't want to inflict my mood to the rest of the band or the rest of humanity so I head back home.

Finally met David J and it was good meeting him. Lots of ideas and potential to do some great things in the name of art. He's going to NYC tomorrow and will be back in two weeks. Plenty of time to see if we can work his proposal out for an arts space.

I chat with my friend R for a bit and she's a good listener and a really cool person to have. I can't wait for her to come back here so we can see each other. She's that good.

Aside from that, I got some tests to do tomorrow, papers to pick up, maybe a grant to get a certification and right know I'm blogging to my heart's content.

Show with Golpe Justo on Friday so that means I'll be able to vent all this shit away screaming along with my favorite Puerto Rican hardcore band. Wheee!

So again, how was your day?