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tavu cd release tonight.
and lcd soundsystem is rocking my house. "losing my edge" and "yeah" are reaching anthem status in my stereo.
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i dreamt last night that duran duran was back in pr but with the whole lineup. i got to the show and even sneaked backstage to meet the guys and eat their food, blah blah blah. somehow later i'm on my way to the airport to take a flight and it's taking too long so i wander around the airport past checkpoints still waiting for my flight. i see a sprint ad that is advertising gsm phones and free calls when you're in europe or japan and i'm still wandering there. i wake up and the first thing my sister blasts is duran duran. heh.
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Just came home from a night out with Vero. We headed to Lazer for Gothic/Industrial night and we danced, we drank and we had a good time among friends. Wooooooooooo! Vero is definetely a clubbing partner. Cool, smart and great musical taste. I'm slowly coming to my senses after all those drinks, but it's great! Saturday we're hitting Vampire's. I should sleep it off, but I don't wanna. Thank you Vero for breaking me out of that prison. ;) Take care. The rest of you, better get ready for the weekend you bastards! Some pictures soon.

My younger brother's birthday is today so happy birthday you wonderful human being. I love you!
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somehow it'd be nice to find out if i can somehow look at my blog and i somehow can't get to any blogspot domains. gah!
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Daryl is a pleasure to chat with cause he always makes me laugh and if I behave sometimes he passes on good tidbits. Mujer Satanica's blog got mentioned and linked in http://www.sinrumbo.net. Her writing rawks. And thanks to V. (not to be confused with Vero. These are two different women), I've been corresponding with a very interesting intelligent woman. Code name: Cocode. Ms. Dragonfly has a unique first name and she's funny too. Shit, I gotta call The Good Doctor. Else she'll shoot me. So will Rose, but I'm letting her enjoy her newlywed status. Heh. Life is alright. Ups and downs but I ride them as best as I can. I'm glad for their friendship.

Funny. Now I'm talking to more women than ever in my life. No I'm not a playa, nor I want to be, nor I'm interested in being like that. I happen to like a good conversation and enjoy good company. The women I'm currently talking to, provide that and I'm grateful. So thanks ladies.

And thanks to D. for being a friend and having a good heart.
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Hay dias que lo quiero todo
Hay dias que vivo de una sonrisa sincera
Solo se que quiero algo mas de esta vida
No quiero fama
No quiero fortuna
Quiero comprension
Quiero algo que me haga sentir vivo
Que me de razon para existir
Quiero una idea
No una creencia
Quiero llenar el vacio
Romper el silencio
Un prisma a esta vida gris
Quiero sentir lo que corre por mis venas
Lo que llena mis pulmones
La imagen en mis ojos
Lo que captan mis oidos
El aroma en mi olfato
Doy mucho por sentado
y por eso vivo agradecido
Pero esta comodidad
incomoda, asfixia
La espera desespera
pero continua..........

dreams and movies

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Last night watched "Cold Mountain" with Vero. Another Anthony Minghella epic. Long. Entertaining. Great cast. Beautiful scenery. The ending though, predictable as fuck, but otherwise a good investment. Vero was fun to go to the movies with. We had sort of a Mistery Science Theatre 3000 thing going. It was good.

I went to bed earlier than usual, and I had two dreams. First one, I dreamt about my younger brother. I was visiting him and his family on this military base. In Irak. Somehow the notion of the U.S. Army sending my younger brother *and* his family to a base in the war front was distressing. Somehow things were quiet on the dream. Really quiet. It was good seeing them and all. I'd rather see them where they're stationed here in reality though.

I also dreamt about Liz, a Chilean friend of mine who lives in NYC. Liz came back to PR to visit and had an apartment in Old San Juan. She was showing me pictures of people she wanted to visit and wanted me to tag along. For some reason she had a laptop there and was playing some Nitzer Ebb songs and I got mine out and played her songs from a new album (Nitzer Ebb hasn't released anything since the mid 90's). She was lovely and cute and we were making out. She had a shower and then we left on her car. She was still showing me pictures of people while driving and I had to tell her to keep her eyes on the road so we didn't crash. We went to Plaza Carolina to Sam Goody's and I got two Isis CD's real cheap. Then I woke up.

It'd be nice if she came here for vacation though. Anyway on with the show.
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solitude can sometimes be a bitch, but it's necessary. so i code, program, tweak until the morning so i can be tired enough to sleep. kitipri and mario came over to pick a few movies but i didn't feel like going out. not much to do today, but hey.
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yesterday it was beautiful. something so ordinary as walking to the video shop to return some dvd's turned into something nice and pleasing. it was beautiful outside and the temperature was just right. after walking to the vidwo store, I walked a couple of blocks more to the bank, made a deposit. then accross the street for some grocery shopping. afterwards again a small walk to a fast food joint nearby to get some lunch for me and my dad.

it was something so simple, so common, yet i came home with a smile on my face. a great feeling. got some dvd's from big al and basically stayed home lazing around.

have a great weekend!
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i haven't been shaken at the movies since i saw requiem for a dream or dancer in the dark. the feeling returned after watching big fish and 21 grams. back to back. i was on the verge of a full-on breakdown right then and there. ok call me a softie, but they hit the spot. highly recommended. honestly i think benicio del toro, albert finney, sean penn, naomi watts and ewan mc gregor should be fucking nominated. and steve buscemi always rocks! tim burton has shown the perfect mix of drama and visual surrealism....and 21 grams direction and soundtrack. whew!
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Vero's right. I do need cheering up. I really do, but I need to sort out my job situation. Damnit.
I also uploaded some pictures from the balun ep release party last Tuesday. So go forth and check them out.
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Lately I don't feel like going out. Honestly. No reason to go out except maybe to catch or rent a movie. Maybe I'm tired of the same old thing in an unconscious level. I'm tired of meeting the same boring people with the same shallowness blah blah blah. Dunno. The only good excuses to go out would be to see "21 Grams" and "Big Fish". That's fucking it mate. Meanwhile, I'd rather stay home.

they will kill me if i don't mention this

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they will kill me if i don't mention this..........

Rose got married to S. Finally! Congratulations! SOA and India welcomed the year with Danielita their lovely girl. 2004 is shaping up right for them. Congratulations! V. will also take the plunge this year and I'm expected at her wedding. Love is in the air for many people. I wish them the best.

Just came from seeing a great band called balloon or balun, whichever way you spell it is alright for them. check them out at http://www.iloveballoon.tk

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Late night melancholy strikes and this song in my head:

Romeo Had Juliette by Lou Reed

Caught between the twisted stars
the plotted lines the faulty map
that brought Columbus to New York
Betwixt between the East and West
he calls on her wearing a leather vest
the earth squeals and shudders to a halt
A diamond crucifix in his ear
is used to help ward off the fear
that he has left his soul in someone's rented car
Inside his pants he hides a mop
to clean the mess that he has dropped
into the life of lithesome Juliette Bell

And Romeo wanted Juliette
and Juliette wanted Romeo
And Romeo wanted Juliette
and Juliette wanted Romeo

Romeo Rodriguez squares
his shoulders and curses Jesus
runs a comb through his black pony-tail
He's thinking of his lonely room
the sink that by his bed gives off a stink
then smells her perfume in his eyes
And her voice was like a bell

Outside the street were steaming
the crack dealers were dreaming
of an Uzi someone had just scored
I betcha I could hit that light
with my one good arm behind my back
says little Joey Diaz
Brother give me another tote
those downtown hoods are no damn good
those Italians need a lesson to be taught
This cop who died in Harlem
you think they'd get the warnin'
I was dancing when his brains run out on the street

And Romeo had Juliette
and Juliette had her Romeo
And Romeo had Juliette
and Juliette had her Romeo

I'll take Manhattan in a garbage bag
with Latin written on it that says
""it's hard to give a shit these days""
Manhattan's sinking like a rock
into the filthy Hudson what a shock
they wrote a book about it
they said it was like ancient Rome

The perfume burned his eyes
holding tightly to her thighs
And something flickered for a minute
and then it vanished and was gone

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local holiday so the dole office is closed. goddamnit. oh well.
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don't ask me why....
....but i've got joe cocker's "you are so beautiful" playing in my head nonstop. at present i've got no one to sing it to. actually there are two people in this world, i'd love to sing it to. if you read this blog, you probably have an idea of who might be one of them. the other one actually is closer than the first. one of them is in the island. one of them accross the ocean. it's rainy. it's ok, but anyone of the two here next to me would be great. wishful thinking.

not much to tell, aside from lying down, taking medicine and that i have to go to the dole office on monday. i should be at full strength by then.

oh. mamuro oshii's avalon rocks. so you know.
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alone, single again, unattached and loving it. missing proper companionship though, but i'm patient. i went out last night despite barely recovering from a cold to watch a real cool band play their hearts out. saw some friends and it was all good. now i should take my medicine and hope for the best. i don't want to get sick again. not from the cold. took some more pictures and they're posted so go watch you pervs!
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Woke up this morning feeling much better and I'm trying to sort out my employment situation. Will go to the dole office tomorrow to see any possible openings and verify my status of my dole check. I think I'm gonna get my ass outta here again by this year. The economy is fucked here and I got bills to pay. I never saw myself in PR anyway. Fucking little island. Oh well.
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In which I just told the 20 year old drama queen to fuck off on a permanent basis, Kymill is playing matchmaker and I'm recovering from a fucking cold. Film at 11.

Your Tax Dollars At Work Dept.

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Say goodbye to your rights, here's the latest from our lovely politicos. The clampdown is in full effect.
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So Happy Three Kings Day, Epiphany, etc. Yeah we Latinos we get prezzies twice a year because we're all good Catholics and are cooler than the rest of you. Right! Anyway, I had nothing for Christmas but the Three Wise Men came over and gave me a mini-stereo for a present. So I can hook it up to my computer and blast some internet radio tunage. Or hook it up to my DVD and instant home theatre. Wheee! Anyway I uploaded a couple more photos on both photo sites so go watch you pervs!

New To Linux?

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New To Linux? Want To Know What The Fuzz Is All About? Well, my first suggestion would be to download or buy Knoppix. If you've read this blog, you should now why, but if you need good solid arguments, please read this article. You'll be glad you did.


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Last night definetely rocked. Four bands and a surprise guest made the evening a success. Introdujos even played songs with chorus and structures, fuck! Tropiezo, Un Final Fatal, Unidos NO and La Experiencia de Ton~ito Cabanillas as a surprise guest rocked the festivities. Plenty of booze courtesy of Nina and Ary. Nina and Victor needed a room for sure, but hey, these crazy drunken horny kids are a riot. Ary was a lot of fun and working out has done wonders for her. I drank, took pictures, slammed my face against a mic stand while I found myself in the pit taking pictures. No harm there. I'm fucking resilient after all those years slamdancing. Managed to scream some lyrics into a mic in La Experiencia's set. Saw some people I haven't seen in a while and all in all, it was great. Some pics might be uploaded today. Check the sites for details. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, I don't expect anything from the person I'm seeing these days. I knew from the beginning this wouldn't last and the least I need now is relationship blues so I just move on and continue with my life. If she's around fine. If not, there's always someone who'll eventually show up, isn't there? ;)

Ben Raino came back from a vacation at Mrs. Raino's homeland and brought some pictures. Lovely country. I should go back to Spain one of these days.

yesterday was like sunday

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i swear to god that yesterday was sunday. so fucking boring and predictable. oh well. btw i put some more pictures on both the sites i store them so check them out.


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slackware-live linux an excellent linux live cd has change it's name to slax. test driving it as we speak and it's fine. it's too bad that you cannot do a hd install to it. i mean, you can copy the cd to your hard drive and then change lilo.conf but it lacks the ability for it to update like knoppix does. a pity but a good live cd distro anyways. kde and koffice betas and lots more. really cool tool.


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So how did it end and how did i welcome it? Among friends. my best friend (20+ years), his girlfriend, her kids and her sister. We drank, watched movies, lit firecrackers and took pictures. It was fun. I felt good and it was much better than the alternative I had planned earlier. Made the usual calls/emails/im's and I want to welcome the new year with a toast by Oscar Wilde:

Champagne to my real friends
real pain to my sham friends.

All the best blessings in this New Years. Because my friends deserve that and more.



PD - V. sure knows how to pile up the adjectives. Her recent entry describes me as "the empathic agent of entropy in our universe". I fancied myself a bit of an anarchist, and then there's V's description. Too bad she didn't see any of my live bands. I wonder then what she would've come up with. Now watch me create utter mayhem, chaos and revolutions just wiggling my little left pinky. Because I can, I care and I love you.

Keep in mind that V's descriptions make up the description of this blog. I hope she gets better. In the ex-girlfriends dept. IAO and her rule.