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S Dearest:

Thanks for bothering to read this. I think it'll give you and idea of me, whether for good or bad. This is me. Raw. Naked. Not literally. :) I am hardly perfect as you can see, but I'm trying to have some redeeming qualities. Working on them :D. I am happy to know that I make you smile, that I cheer you up. I want you to know that you do the same and a lot. I look forward to meet you. I look forward to talk to you. I look forward to brighten your day. Yes, I do write about you because you are the brightest spot in my life of late. I want you to know something. The way you are, the things you say, the joy you bring to me, those things make me become a better person. Gives me a better outlook. Gives me strength and hope. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. It's not an incoming train this time. I just want to do right. Fingers crossed. Chin up.

Yes your company is appreciated. Yes you are a lovely woman. Yes you make me smile and blush. A lot. I haven't had this kind of attention and I love to return the favor. I want you to feel free to talk about whatever you want. I want you to feel free to share whatever you want to share. I want you to know that I'm there for you. I look forward to see you smile. Up close and personal. We are few and far between. Life rarely gives you a second chance. Especially when meeting someone like you. Take care.


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These days have been utterly boring except for the conversations I look forward to on a nightly basis. Yeah I'm hopelessly addicted. LOL. That and making music are the things that keep me going. Oh and reading. finished reading a really good book about conspiracies and right now working on Arthur C. Clarke's "The Fountains Of Paradise". Nothing going on this weekend except the radio show. Ach! :)
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Yesterday was supposed to be our gig at Don Pablo
when we arrived there, their air conditioning system was broken
so it was a hothouse. No way. Not for the kind of money they were paying
So we said fuck it. We went to our usual dive for some late night din din.
The cook was off that day.
We went to the nearest 7-11, bought some drinks and some munchies
went back to the bar, and hung out there for awhile
It was ok. But the day was the shits darling.
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DSRP Royalty Update
On Friday, June 28th, Live365 will be announcing a new Royalty Administration Fee that applies to all Personal Broadcasts. This fee will go towards the Digital Sound Recording Performance (DSRP) royalties, as well as legal and other administrative fees incurred. There will be a grace period of 30 days before the fees go into effect.

Stay tuned for details. We might be fooked. Plan B for the broadcast will soon be in effect.
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I swear if you see this flyer people might think we're one of those krautrock, hippie or progrock outfits. Sheesh!
Rehearsals are coming fine. Cathartic and good. I just met this person and I already miss conversations with her.
They're that good. Tomorrow meeting at the station and somehow re-writing an old song lost in the crash.
It's gonna be sort of a long day and I need some rest. Managed to find a solution in case live365 goes down with the
online royalties for internet radio. I have a contingency plan in a worst case scenario.
I also hunger for some cool conversations, and good company.
Gig on Wendesday. Woooo. Busybusybusy. Ok. Shut up. Go to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.
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The Frecuencias Alternas staff at Hard Rock.
Hanging out with the stars. Being seen you know? Fame, Fortune and all that jazz!!!!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiight!
Actually we were invited to MC a show featuring Anamu, Coabey and Mike Villegas. It was a cool thing to do and we had an even better show that Saturday night. You better tune in.
If you really want to know, here we are from left to right:
Zayra Morales, Pepe Pesante, Iohann Rashi, Ezequiel Rodriguez Andino, Moi. Yes, the ugly one at the right. Me. Scared? Thought so. There should be one with my friend and clone Cesar soon. I gotta bug Guillermo about that one.
5:42 am and I'm still up. The more things change..... :D
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Being the lovely self-promoting bastard that I am, I think you can enjoy a stream of antartica's live antics here and here. Much props to Felix for allowing such a bad thing to happen in the first place. Crazy kid! :)
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Christ! Just when I thought I was down and out....
Along comes someone straight out of your prayers
and makes the wait worthwhile.

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Wide.

Lucretia My Reflection dance the ghost with me
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Too much to do and too little time to blog. More on that later. Sorry.
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too many gigs. too many sleepless nights, a vicious computer crash and watching the World Cup has taken it's toll. actually some good recordings came this week so we might be finally ready to release a sort of live album. switched my OS again this time to Windows 2000. Here's the track listing for the live release:

(live at wrtu 042702)
llegando a puerto rico
the object of beauty

(live at exxit 100.7fm 051002)

(live at enlaces 061202 bernice cruz on vocals)

jorge castro and bernice castro are the new additions to the band.

ok. back to lurking :)
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I got a show tomorrow and it's gonna be a very busy day. I'll be happy after Saturday. Need some breathing room. Too much death and senselessness. I am sorry.
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What a weekend. Death came for a visit. First Dee Dee Ramone, now an acquaintance's close relative. You could see both of them coming but still it has an effect. Meanwhile I'm trying to come to terms with situations that need to change. I've never been a comformist and I think I'll never be. I can't settle for anything less. I can't be a fucking sheep and be passive about things I care about. Too many sheeps-in-human clothing here anyway. Still I've got a few friends who unknowingly give me a lot to look for. My homies. I love you. I can't let things get to me. Not trivial things. Change is a constant. I must seize it and enjoy the ride. No sense in wasting time in minutiae. Whether it is situations or just people. They're not worth it. There's a life that needs to be lived and enjoyed at it's fullest. There are things to look forward to. There are people to meet. There are shows to be played. That's more than most people have and enjoy. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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DJ Javier Santos' REQUIEM CD *is* the shiznit. A fucking techno masterpiece. Will stream it soon for your listening pleasure.

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Bernice and Jorge Castro are in the band now performing vocal and guitar duties. Their contributions are always welcome and they rock the house. Here are more Antartica Tour Dates:

Superaquello, Antartica
Lugar: Enlaces Café, calle Cruz 255,
Viejo San Juan
Entrada: $5.00
Hora: 10:00 pm
Info: 787.977.0754

Emotional Rescue Returns Opening Night
Noel Villegas
Invitado especial: Osunlade
Lugar: Candela Bar, San Juan (al lado de Amadeus Rest.)
Hora: 10:00 p.m.
Entrada: $5.00
Info: 787.977.4305

The People Upstairs en el Aqua Lounge de Barfly
Lugar: Barfly, Ave. Domenech, Hato Rey
Hora: 10:00 p.m.
Entrada: Gratis, 21 + con ID
Info: 282.7283

Emotional Rescue Returns Opening Night
Noel Villegas
Lugar: Don Pablo, San Juan
Hora: 10:00 p.m.
Info: 787.977.4305

Una Noche en ONGOLANDIA Mini Fest
Danza la Raza
Lugar: Kaki's Pub, Palo Seco
Hora: 8:00 pm
Entrada: N/A
Info: ongo@hotmail.com
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parties tonight, tomorrow night and saturday.
new job opportunity. maybe.
my buddy al wants to introduce me to someone
given my track records for introductions i should pass.
but i digress.

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last night she said she wanted to kiss me
even though we seldom talk
and i didn't
cause she was high
and she was stinky
and all she wanted was a ride
and some money to score
and i laughed it all up
cause life is sometimes like that
then found my ride
cranking up my bloody valentine
and zero seven
awash in bliss riding home in silence
till the edge of dawn
then i hit the sack
and dreamt of me and my ride
kissing each other
recurring theme isn't it?

wish i had someone
i could really kiss
and listen to loveless
in complete and utter bliss

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the radio show was good. aside from that. not much to say at all.

now i need some rest.