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Recently antartica had the chance to tear the roof off at Pier 10 @ Old San Juan along with people like DJ's Titan & Gulembo and alongside J Maajik, Adam F and MC MC. Here are some pics for you to enjoy! Wheeee! Pictures taken by noctambulo's Monica Tirado. Yer such a goddess!

Raymond Macroporno et moi.

Carlitos AYLK playing thee guitar along with us. If you watch closely, you can spot our 4th bat and all-around buddy, soundman, inspiration and fellow evil mastermind kaosindustry.
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Ok kids. These are the pictures of my associates on our event called ((ocio lounge)) Thursday Nights @ Enlaces Cafe Old San Juan. These two images courtesy of Canyabon. Thank you much kind sir.

Aracelis aka Puntito Siniestro IDM, Glitch, Electronica and all-around Goddess

Herman aka The Man Searching For Fun. Downtempo, Trip Hop, Slow Beats. Yeah baby!
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WHAT THE HELL??? Nothing new here. The more things change.......

Time to crank up The Dead Kennedy's "Bedtime For Democracy".
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Hope Is My Heroin.
I'm in need for another fix.
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Why some women feel that they need to be treated like shit by their spouses/boyfriends/lovers/girlfriends in order to feel validated or 'loved'? I mean, fuck! some women I've met they've got people who treated them like dirt, but oh no, they love him/her like he/she was the only person in the planet. Meanwhile the people who actually take their time and actually listen to them and try to help them are sent by the wayside. Not me. Never again. So enjoy all the mistreatment and see you on the news as the latest statistic, you stupid fuck!

Someone said: "teach us to care and not to care." I've stopped caring about the losers on the paragraph above. Again, fuck you. If you're stupid enough to stay in that cycle, maybe you deserve all the shit that comes to you.

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Pre show jitters and tomorrow I will be very busy. Tonight the Grammy happens. Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado. Those are my gals. Aside from that, I'm recovering. Got some labwork to do and finally I'm starting to treat my diabetes. Yeah I know.
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Walkin' sick sick they walk in the town
Walkin' sick sick they walk in the town
Walkin' sick sick they walk in the town
Walkin' sick sick they walk in the town.....

- Danielle Dax "Pariah"
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Sweating bullets due to a cold. I hate them. Got lots to do and this shit is pinning me down. No way. Bought some meds to take care of it. Fuck it.
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I need some sleep badly. Diabetes is such a bitch. I feel better now but man! Relationships are work too. It's not like we're steady or anything but still. Sometimes I think it's better that way. It allows me to meet other people, and that's good.

Please don't complain about nobody loving you when:
a) you don't love yourself.
b) you don't let love in.
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ANTARTICA (live improv)



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Satan's identity revealed. Seriously, this is one fucked up case.
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I just want to stop the world and mourn the passing of one of my favorite animators who went into the Big Studio In The Sky: Chuck Jones I'll miss you. Now Marvin the Martian can safely destroy the Earth so he can check out Venus. Say hello to Tex Avery for me.

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I'd like to say something: No more pre-show nerves. For now. Wait a few hours though. I'm so bored now with my job now, but I'm trying for an interview tomorrow with the local government. Wish me luck or something. Tonight, just me and my laptop. Enjoy the visuals.

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By the way, I'm rediscovering old pleasures. As in comic books and rpg's. "Kingdom Come" still rocks after all these years and bought some rpg stuff and finally found a star frontiers netbook. I still love the web.
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Ok so things have been testy in some points, and good in others. Personally I think I've been successful. This new 'thing' has dispelled the ex's ghost. Time heals all wounds. New people speeds up the healing process. She's wonderful and sweet and I don't want to fuck it up this time. We both deserve a fresh start. Might as well be with each other. :) Actually, I like the fact that someone has actually told me that she likes me, appreciates and wants me. Iam pleasantly surprised.

Show later tonight. Have to pin down the logistics. It always happens like this. :)

Watched Red Mars and now watching Shadow Of The Vampire on the DVD. Take care of your bad selves and each other.

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I was on a local TV station being interviewed about Saturday's show. Fame fortune, platinum records, yeah right.
Show on Thursday.
Hating life now. Kinda sick.
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Relationships are hard work. Even just when you're just seeing each other and there's nothing formal about them.
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ir a mi hora de almuerzo para el soundcheck (gracias a cesarin)
entrar a las 1am para tocar (gracias a nuestro angelito)
tocar en un mar de ruido (lo que percibi) que "sonaba cabron" (segun la gente).
salir a las 6am
esperar hasta las 7am para desayunar en un mcdonald's
se estaban dando el puesto para abrir
desayunamos en otro mcdonald's
para acostarme a dormir a las 8am
despertar a las 1:00 pm
para volver a trabajar

por mi madre si alguien me pone drum n'bass LO MATO

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeestoy vivooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Ok so I haven't posted for 24 hours. Things have changed a bit. In a good way, for a change. Last night I cried for quite a bit. But it was good tears. A much needed release. The better part of it was, that this time there was someone at the other end of the line listening. I'm starting to go out with this woman. She's refreshing, she's funny and witty. We are starting to see each other and seeing what's gonna come out of it. No one has mentioned the 'r' or the 'l' word, but there is comfort in each other's company. That's a bloody good start.

Big gig tonight. Hope I make it out awake. :D

If you ever read this, thank you. I feel alive again.
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So the date went surprisingly well despite the change of plans. Drinking wine and beer with friends on a beach at night is always fun. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
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The Saturday gig was announced on the local paper. Am I nervous? You bet. Tonight, I'm going out to see Amelie with some friends. It's gonna be interesting.
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the man himself in action
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I almost thought about giving it all up today. Almost. I need to get away, but if I don't have any creative outlet, what's gonna happen to me? I don't want to consider it.
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Further proof of people who don't have anything better to do with their lives. They put the FAN in FANATIC. Sheesh. Get out and get laid. Or something......
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T Minus Four Days for one of the cheesiest dates Humankind's been cursed with. Thought you might want to know that.
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3, 2, 1 GO!!!!!!!!!

O soy yo, o es que el IQ colectivo bajó súbitamente durante el tiempo que estuve fuera de esta Isla del Espanto? Podemos estar hablando horas sobre la idiosincracia del animal homo sapiens portoricensis pero carajo cuando escuchas que toda forma de vida de carbon que camina ergido y habla por telefono te dice: "Ah pues bien" cada vez que termina una conversación, te preocupa la capacidad intelectual del susodicho.

Además de todos estos seres que se creen que entes como "El Rockero Loco" es lo más cómico, original, loco y radical que hay en la faz de la Tierra y cuando la programación local es una copia burda de la de la metrópoli, uno seriamente considera si comparte algo con estos seres además del lugar de origen.

Yo creo que la gota que colmó la copa fué cuando supe que en el nuevo espectáculo de los Gamma, van a incluir a Antonio Sánchez alias El Gángster.

Cuando vi eso mi único pensamiento fue: QUE CARAJOS LE PASO A ESTA GENTE?!?!?!?!?!

Bueno, los signos estaban ahi. Silverio con su humortificación, Jacobo con las películas románticas. Ok, "Lo Que Le Paso A Santiago" y "Dios Los Cría" me gustaron, pero si creen que iba a soportar ver a Chayanne y a Dayanara en "Linda Sara", creo que se equivocaron de persona. Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine. El mejor comediante de Puerto Rico (con todo respeto a Agrelot y a ese corillo. FUCK YOU! Sunshine's the man) cuyos conceptos y stand-up revolucionaron los medios, ahora tira comedia media blanda y su guiso de locutor. Entiendo que hay que pagar las cuentas y alimentarse, pero carajo!!!!!!! De Horacio Olivo no se ademas de tirarse las loqueras de el y sus pasitos de comedia. El parece ser el único inocente. Parece.

Coño!!!!!!!!! Tan desesperados estan por capturar la demográfica que reclutan al Gángster????? La persona que mas representa el humor mas infantil, pueril, sexista e idiota??????? Coño para eso porque no ponen a la Comay también ya que están tan desesperados???? Que que no quieren que su audiencia sea de gente inteligente y pensante que pueda apreciar su humor y sus críticas de la situación del Macondo Nuestro De Cada Día????

Si este no es uno de los signos del Apocalipsis, no sé que carajos es.
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sunday morning........
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I need you
like I need a habit
like I need a hit
I need you
like I need someone on my back
raising the hairs of my neck
freezing my spine
I need you
like I need more aggro
stress, toil and trouble
I need you
like I need my appendix
see my need for you
fade away
exorcise you
I'm not yours to haunt
I'm not yours to remind me
of things past
I'm not yours to reminisce
you lost that right
just remember the good times
and cherish them
I left
I won't come back
I flush you
and spit you out
purge myself from you
and once again

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I need breathing room
I almost quit my job today. Migraine city and their payroll is screwed up. I want to get out, but I'll hold on for a little bit more.
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I play here on the Feb the 14th
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I play this party on Saturday Feb. The 16th

need we say more?

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Sure. Now we've got reports of a Puerto Rican Taliban. Sheesh!!!!!! We're bloody everywhere, are we?
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On the CD:
Godflesh - Hymns
Techno Animal - Brotherhood Of The Bomb
Sigur Ros - Aegetis Byrjun (or something)
Curve - Gift

Over And Out
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Sweet as sin
Bitter the taste
In my mouth
I see seven towers
and I only see
One way out
You gotta cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice
You know I took the poison
From the poison stream
Then I floated out of here

- U2 "Running To A Standstill"

"If I
could throw this lifeless life
to the wind
Leave this heart of clay
See you walk
walk away"

U2 - "Bad"
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Meanwhile on the silly wacky test front, I've found I'm......

I'm Angel Face!

What FIGHT CLUB character are you?

Well....actually.....my face IS a pulp :p
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Never mind that last entry. I guess she's happy to hear from me, but not as eager for me to come visit. What is she afraid of? I don't know.... I guess I was right not to feel that psyched up about her. However there's always Plan B. Heheheeheh.
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Interesting evening. Called someone. Someone who actually is happy to see me. Someone who actually I'm looking forward to see. Part of me doesn't want to be that psyched up. I guess I can say it's a little psychological armor to prevent any disappointments. Maybe we both expect a lot. I don't know. I'm just happy somebody does.

For those who actually bother to read this. Thanks. I appreciate it. Ok kids, Hannibal's on.
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It's just another
It's just another dayyyyyyyy
It's just another day
It's just another dayyyyyyyyy
- Oingo Boingo

Super Bowl Sunday

Time to play Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning" and play loud.

Last night was interesting. I am so getting over this. Until the next spell........

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I bought the phonecard. I can connect to her number. She's gone. I feel a bit sad, but relieved. I think I'll send her a postcard. No hopes there, but I think I can safely close this door. I'm sorry I didn't get the closure I wanted.

Get on with life, you git. You walked away, pay the price.
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The show went very well. Better than expected. I am so happy right now. I needed to feel that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You know who you are. Details later.

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Pre-show jitters. Big time. Been up since the morning. FUCK. Maybe it's the caffeine. Maybe it's just because it's probably all new material. I need to listen to the Descendents. They understand me. They sure do! COFFEE MUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH