The triumphant return of Nalgada de Oro

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Was this the actual movie the guys took their name from? Mebbe. Mebbe not.

About a little less than twenty years ago, most of you weren't probably born or were wee lads and lasses, people used dial-up to access electronic bulletin board systems or BBS, and the only way you could score porn was through your dad's porn mag stash or if you somwhow acquired it/stole it from your friends. Music was mostly on CD, but there were some vynils available, and eMpTyV was actually playing music videos, starting their descent into "reality" tv hell. Most of all, there were local bands doing original music, be it punk rock, hardcore, thrash, all sorts of metal and all genres in between.

In that same period - in the midst of abusing my vocal chords, programming cheap synths, samplers, drum machines and generally annoying and amusing our audiences and each other in Descojon Urbano - we met an amazing bunch of people and bands that we had a blast playing with in several of the seediest dives this God forsaken island has to offer. Actually we played some dives that were not so seedy, but those being the exception let's not allow that fact to get in the way of a good yarn.

Among that amazing bunch of degenerates (I say this as a term of endearment, don't you fucking dare to start getting your panties in a bunch. It's quarter to 5 am and I don't give a shit about offending delicate sensibilities. I don't anyway.) was a trio of local youngsters who called themselves Nalgada de Oro. They took their name from a Mexican movie they found at a video store. They were funny, surreal, brilliant in a goofy kind of way. Words fail me to describe them and when you can't easily pigeonhole someone in this era of categorization, labels, and marketing bullshit, that is good. Alternative could be used in the true sense of the word. Unfortunately that word has been prostituted and watered down beyond belief.

Unlike most bands, they had the good sense to break up once they decided it was time to pack it in. Lead singer and guitar player Jorge Gonzalez went on to became a well-known playwright both in stage and radio. Bass player Marcelo Gomez went on to form La Murga (another brilliant band on it's own right) and later joined his brother Memo in La Experiencia de Ton-ito Cabanillas and then left to finish his studies abroad. Drummer Bernando Dominguez played in La Murga and then joined Burning Face, and has been there ever since. They were unique, brilliant, catchy, fun, goofy and they didn't have any recorded material of their songs. Until now.

Well, not now. Very soon. The boys went into the studio and after almost 20 years of their first appearance, they went into an actual studio and recorded their tunes. And you will be able to see them live on July 29th at La Respuesta in Santurce where they will release their record upon an unsuspecting world. They will play along with some guests, which should be announced shortly.

The only thing I have to say about all of this is: the date has been set. God help us all. See you there.

"Lost" Hijos de Cain tune released! Mujer Satanica!

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A lost little gem from the Hijos de Cain's Cristales Rotos recording sessions basically one of the songs that for one reason or another didn't make the cut for the Hijos De Cain CD (possibly time and subject related. yeah, even for us), but thanks to Rafael Arroyo who had a copy handy. This was written in a pinch by Jose Ramon Jimenez and Jose E. Roman and then Rafy Arroyo and Luis Santiago added their guitars when we did the recording. A very sordid tale of a one-night stand gone very, very, very wrong.

O.P.A.L. - Mayoria Silente Minoria Invisible

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A 79 minute generative music piece. O.P.A.L.'s second extended piece. A soundtrack to an imaginary film without a script full of actors devoid of any cues. Silences, noises, birdnoises, liquid, something that might be construed as words, drones. Created somewhere late at night. Feel free to remix, re-cut, re-edit at leisure, but do let me know and send me a copy. You can contact me at info at rojoynegro dot org.

If the player above does not work, you can checck it out here.

bad ass happenings

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Well, things are not so good in the job front, but I finished making the basis of a new O.P.A.L. track last night. Will upload today and see if some good old buddies of mine want to take a stab at it. There's a lot of phonecalls and emails going back and forth in Maison Morituti. Let's hope that things go according to plan, which they rarely do, but I'm doing my part and setting my gear again. Promises will be made when able to deliver them. Aside from that, it's a fucking hot summer and I want a vuvuzela so I can annoy the fuck outta people at random intervals. So who can score me one? It is indeed the summer of hate in the year of our Clusterfuck 2010, and I'll keep you posted where this leads me.

LS also has some evil plans and I'm in them. That's good.

I worry about the future of Mandriva Linux. That's bad.

I am now the meaning of everything

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So what you've been missing? I reached the tender age of 42. Spent it with some friends and my girl at The Office Irish Pub. Dio is dead, Gary Coleman is dead, Willie Miranda Marin is dead, one of the Golden Girls is dead, Betty White is very much alive and one of my favorite bass players of all time, the great Mick Karn, has cancer. BTW, go to his website and donate what you can, if you can.

Been working way too hard and trying to get some stuff to get ahead, but Clusterfuck 2010 is in full effect. Right now, I'm on foodstamps and receiving subsidies for my phone and my electric bill. Trying to look for a way out of this situation, but it's not happening, so far. Caught some really good movies like "Unthinkable", "La Horde" and "Pontypool" and revisited an old classic "Near Dark". Fucking hellish heat and I've got a pile of laundry to look after, so I'll see you later you buncha crazy kids.