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the irony of it all. mike skinner is so damn right.
i didn't sleep at all last night so after sleeping part of the day, i finally get up, in time to see ze dentist. i'm ready for the process and ready to get that tooth outta my mouth for good. x-rays are done and it's gotta go. but.......
i have to wait for a week. there's swelling so the dentist writes me a prescription for some antibiotics and painkilllers. ah, fate has a sense of humor. i talk to v. on the phone and we talk about films, how different the league of extraordinary gentlemen film is from the comic, how she doesn't like hugh jackman as wolverine, i like him but i say, who do you want? danzig? it was a fun conversation and i made her promise to make a list of films she has to watch so i'm working on that. right now i'm chatting with her, so if you'll excuse us.....

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well my relationship with v. is going well. work is alright. creating some stuff. aside from that, watching movies and taking care of a tooth. tomorrow to the dentist. damn, i'm hungry and i want to watch some movies.
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more work, downloading some stuff, routine routine, cheering up v., shaved my beard, loving her for keeping me sane, watching some films at home, paying bills, but mostly routine. it's a lull.
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work, toothache, work, no i'm not mad at v., work, did i say work? i got an unexpected surprise in form of a check that's coming in the mail. that, the extra memory and the battery will get me mobile. up next, maybe a new removable hard drive or a computer. mebbe.
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Ok I haven't blogged in a few days because I've been busy with work and got with V. It was beautiful. Here are some pictures of Saturday's show.
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Speaking of comebacks, well since everyone and their mother is making a reunion these days, why not them? *shudders*

And now for something completely different.

Ok so things were not quite nice, nor good on the sentimental front, but.... V. and I are speaking to each other again. There's lots of stuff to sort out and even though we agree that there's possibilities of us being together, the details have to be taken care of. Yeah, I might be a bit harsh, but she understands where I come from. I don't want to spoil it, but at least for now we're speaking to each other and talking and communicating. I believe communicating being the key word here. I'd rather discuss things than argue, but we're talking about two people who are very passionate about their beliefs.

Yeah and for the record, my words were harsh, but it's because I am honest. Brutally so.

On ze gig at the National Tattoo Convention, go here and find out how it went.

Have a great weekend!
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Definitely this is the year of the comeback:

The new albums by Killing Joke "The Death And Resurrection Show" and Jane's Addiction "Strays" rock. These two and Ministry's "Animositisomina" are in constant rotation in my player. Fucking amazing!

Buy them now!
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aside from working on the show on saturday, not much really. work and music keeping me real busy and that's good. enjoying these past two days inmensely. good things will come from it. i could use a bit more sleep though. ;)
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if you think i'm angry, you better rent punch drunk love. this one's hilarious. black humor at it's best.
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Ok here's our weekly installment of fun with referrals! Here we go......

disparando con sonica - really cool local compilation. grab a copy if you can find it.
cojoba blog - they have a webpage not a blog, you idjit.
vindictive - me? vindictive? naaaaaaaah.
why are women vindictive? - the same reason men are vindictive?
vindictive husband pictures - i haven't married yet. LOL.
are you angry quizzes - grrrrrrrrr..... LOL
mazukamba - killer local band. sort of sepultura/soulfly
heinrich fuchs - ?????
frecuencias del f.b.i puerto rico - ?????
jan stevenson lpga picture - female golfers rawk!
a cool blog
wish you were here traduccion - what do you think this is? a pink floyd site?
traduccion de canciones de the white stripes - de ella yo me enchule......
mp3 kabezudos - not here buddy boy.
arnold schwarzeneger pictures - he's back
ga "show-up pay" - ????
i love this blog's design. outstanding.
superaquello - really cool local band.
is daniel ash married, kids? - i don't know. go ask him in his site. all i know is that he rocks.
fuck faq woman pics - um not here.
Birthday's clowns in Chicago, IL - LOL so you want to celebrate my birthday in Chicago?
"icaro azul" mp3 - you want some? go get some then.
miss Venezuela FUCK - um well, go get her then.
Ashmole school is shit - is it?
email address of jerry white in kentucky usa from 2002 to 2003 - whave you find it yet?
another cool blog.
ways to be vindictive - there's this way and that way and the other way.
ladies beat - violent femmes eh?
hungarian synthpop - that one's interesting.
you broke my heart messages - seen lots of those of late. hmmmmmm.
robert trujillo pictures - you pervs!
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there's so much shit one can take
especially when one's not responsible for any of it.
and i'm sick of dealing with double standards
of people who don't appreciate
genuine honest selfless gestures
had enough of those who don't have the will to change
the will to improve,
the courage to take control of their own lives
i'm not easy
i'm hardly innocent
i ask too much of the people i love
because i ask that much of myself as well
i give everything and i want everything in return
so i leave to wallow in your own filth
your own devices
your hell, your prison
and i wash myself clean
as of today, i'm single again.
freedom never felt so good.

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i love you
love is hard work
the best thing about an argument
is making up
it's hard sometimes
and i'm no easy street
but i love you
and i believe in us
and i believe in you

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Met V. for pizza yesterday. She's been having a tough time at work and I'm trying to be as supportive as I can. Had a minor traffic accident. I'm fine. This guy wants to file a police report but when we actually goes to the station backs off. He has until today to file it. Went to the police station myself this morning to explain the situation, but the policewoman explained that both parties need to be there. It's in this person's best interest to file it, but if he doesn't show up, oh well. At least there's a record that I was there. Anyway, lots of things on my mind and I wished I was with V. right freaking now. Now back to the daily drudgery. :)
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Coding some stuff. Watching and recording some videos and pics. It's so boring these days. V. might show upon Friday. Looking forward to that. At least manage to do something in the coding department. Too hot. Not much motivation. Gah.! At least V. keeps things interesting.
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Well not much going on this side of the fence. Watched T3 yesterday. It was entertaining. Lots of work. Missing V. Getting ready for the 19th.
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so i should sleep. maybe. maybe not. ;)
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fun with keywords. (rebuilt damnit)

1. descojon urbano - That was my band from 1991-1994. you can find some stuff here. Go forth and buy some.

2. chess tesis education - "THIS IS CHESS MOTHERFUCKER! THIS AIN'T CHECKERS!" - Denzel Washington in "Training Day"

3. a blog.

4. another blog

5. "equal opportunity employment" bullshit - ooooooook

6. 15 anyos rings - 15 year old webrings? ok some pervert is looking for something. get the shotgun.

7. britney sprint imagenes - Make up your mind willya? Are you looking for Britney Spears or Sprint images? I guess he likes to mix telecommunications companies with pop stars.

8. living with a vindictive boyfriend - I think you should ask V about that.

9. none dare call it a conspiracy - Conspiracy A Go Go Baby!

10. pictures A bunch of computer shit busted in an earthquake - Does it gets your rocks off? *shudder*

11. panoptika musica - If it's the PR band, they rock.

12. sleazy motel puerto rico - What? what? i don't know of any sleazy motels here! no sir! honest!

13. aylk - Whatta bunch of fuckheads! Gotta love them! Menudopunk at it's best!

14. allegory + "satanic verses" - The last thing i need is the Ayatollah's hit squad on my tail ok?

15. zeta sexual persona - Yes. That's me.

16. " sorry mother... "eminem" - i didn't mean to hurt you either.

17. "cannot forgive" "kate bush" - I can forgive Kate Bush because she hasn't wronged me, but I can't forgive Tori Amos for making a cheap imitation of Ms. Bush.

18. I need email cheli & Co - I haven't heard from her and even then, I think I better ask her before giving it to you. LOL.

19. binlarden - Ok let me say it once last time: It's Osama Bin Laden you idiots! No he's not here.

20. idle wild, nyc 1948 - That was a good 20 years before my time. Fuck off!

21. insomnia faithless ol skool - Is that old school? Damn, I'm getting old.

22. song texts corrine, corrina - Why?

23. angry people pics - Grrrrrrrrrrr. Happy now?

24. why are you angry - Because of your stupid questions?

25. "birthday girl" song lyrics - Why?

26. zeus's girl - Actually he had several.

27. cojoba - local PR punk band. rawk!

28. alexander gudonov+witness - good movie.

29. "Robert Trujillo" + peru - He's in Metallica now, didn't you hear dude?

30. golpe justo - the best hardcore band in PR. Period.

31. Hello there!

32. Mrs+Mijtus+had+had+enough+of+her+husband's+strange - I can't make any sense of this.

33. kabezudos - Are the Kabezudos De Villa Abajo back? Hmmmmmmm.

34. castin para el miss teen venezuela - Miss Venezuela Teen Casting?

35. godspeed you black emperor arrested in oklahoma - O'er the land of the freeeeeeeeee and the home of the braaaaaaaaaave. Blame Canada!

36. fuck you all angry style - It's FAQ YOU! Yes we're still angry.

37. chotte 1928 - That was 40 years before I was born.

38. death of actor marshall thompson - *looks at audience*

39. fun and angry pictures - Check the pictures links to your left and then get back to me.

40. another blog

41. good away messages for when you r upset for aim - How about FUCK OFF?

42. another blog

43. sean comb's address - Oh this is the White Pages now.

44. ex's pictures - I have them and you don't.

45. lyric+falling for you+jaime rivera - What?

Ok. Here's to next week's installment. Now bugger off!

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At V's House. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Quality Time. The only time I feel completely serene, at peace, at home. Mmmmm. Yummy. Ok enough blogging for today. Gotta make the best of it.
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ok so i came home yesterday quite early from work. my stomach's a mess. i should've stayed but i couldn't take it running to the bathroom. somehow my mind was straight enough to drive home even in rush hour traffic so i made it home, went to bed and actually slept for quite a while. i feel better now and i'll spend some quality time with lovely v.

an anniversary of sorts is coming this weekend. it's been years ever since but i still can't get it off my mind. a reminder of the crazy things we do for love. oh well. anyway, i should get some more sleep. take care y'all.